Präzisionstechnik Schunder


The machine pool
PTS works at top level

Precision “in grand style" is made possible by the people who work for PTS. The machine pool also contributes to the results. Thanks to continual investments, this always corresponds to the state of the art - at a level unique throughout Germany!

High powered and unique
Always up to date: The PTS machine pool

Continual investments in new machine technology have a tradition at PTS. This is the only way the dimensions of the parts produced can be increased - currently to sizes of up to 20 m x 4.1 m. And that`s not all: Thanks to the universal set-up of all the machining centres, re-chucking of the bulky workpieces is reduced - saving time and money while increasing efficiency.

The integrated head changing system of the SHW Uniforce 6 makes it possible for PTS to carry out the most complex milling work easily and economically.

PTS invests systematically in its extensive machine pool in order to maintain the state-of-the-art level of its technical equipment. PTS currently possesses the greatest production capacity worldwide on the machining centres of the 200 Series from the machine manufacturer Deckel Maho. The flexibility and punctuality achieved in this way directly benefit our customers.

PTS is the only supplier in Germany working with a DMC 340 FD with a 4-way palette changer. This machine allows turning and milling with one chuck set-up.

Innovation through investment -
Precision on a grand scale

The PTS machine pool is always state of the art ... ...and makes machining possible up to
SHW UniForce6
with head change system
+ 3.000 x 2.500mm rotary table 40 to.
Additional W axis 1,500 mm
Component size
20.000 x 4.100mm
+ 3.000 x 2.500mm rotary table 40 to.
Component size
16.000 x 4.100mm
SHW Powerspeed 5 Component size
8.000 x 2.200mm
Deckel Maho DMC 340 FD
Turning and milling
with pallet pool (4 pallets)
Component size, Milling
3.400 x 2.800 x 1.600mm
Component size, Turning
3.400 x 1.600mm
Deckel Maho DMC 200 U
with pallet changer
Capacity: 2 x
Component size
1.800 x 2.000 x 1.100mm
Deckel Maho DMU 200 P
Capacity: 4 x
Component size
1.800 x 2.000 x 1.100mm
DMG MORI DMF600 linear
Capacity: 3 x
Component size
6.000 x 1.100 x 900mm
Deckel Maho DMC 125 FD
Turning and milling
Component size
1.250 x 800 x 800mm
Deckel Maho DMU 125 U/P
Capacity: 4 x
Component size
1.250 x 800 x 800mm
Vertical turret lathe Hankook
with powered tools
Component size
3.000 x 2.000mm
Guideway grinding machine
Aschersleben with travel:
6.000 x 2.000 x 2.000 mm
Grinding with the greatest
possible precision

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